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Our blog is full of ideas for your events, fun facts, and more. We encourage you to read through each post at your leisure and contact our Catering Director at [email protected] or 281.444.5302 to begin planning your next event.


Host the Perfect Corporate Party

Everyone has been to a bad party. It could’ve been bad for a number of reasons: generic decorations, lackluster food, poor drink options, overly loud music, not enough people showing up, etc. Most of all, you can clearly tell when very little thought and effort went into planning the party, making it feel like more of an obligation than a celebration.

Don’t make the mistakes that many others have made when throwing your corporate party. The truth is, that throwing a great corporate party in honor of all your employees’ hard work takes a lot of planning and thought. But at Northgate Country Club, your corporate party is a guaranteed success. We have everything you need to make your party an event that the office will be talking about for weeks to come!

Quality Food - And Enough of it!
One of the worst mistakes you can make is treating your employees to a bad dinner, or catering good food only for it to run out. Both of these errors communicate to your workers that they aren’t worth thinking about, planning for, or spending money on.

Our master chef at Northgate can prepare dishes which will please even the most discriminating foodie among your group, while also satisfying those with simpler tastes. We can prepare whatever you have in mind, and prepare it to perfection. Whether you’d like Mediterranean, Asian, Mexican, Italian, or American, our culinary experts can make it for you right in-house. Your employees will be raving about the food rather than complaining about it.

Don't Forget the Drinks
Of course, any corporate party would be lacking without a proper bar service! Your employees surely have been looking forward to putting drinks on your tab for a long time. But, it’s important that nobody overindulges and makes others uncomfortable or causes a scene.
That’s where our professional serving staff at Northgate can help. We have a full bar service at our venue complete with as many bartenders as your group needs. But, we can also keep track of drinks to make sure nobody gets over-served and ruins the party.

Perfect Party Space
Northgate Country Club can accommodate an office party of any size! With our high-quality food, drinks, and event spaces, your corporate party will be a smash hit. Not sure what you want your party to include? Meet our Director of Catering, who can help you throughout the whole process to guarantee that the night is as fun as possible! Call us today to learn more about our corporate event hosting services at  281.444.5302.