Special Events

Social Events

Birthdays and anniversaries are causes for celebrations and sometimes they are momentous occasions that require accommodations that truly honor the event. Golden anniversary celebrations and significant birthdays are Northgate specialties for Members and non-members alike. The intimacy and privacy of Café Northgate is perfect for parties of 15 to 35 and, of course, our main banquet dining facility can seat up to 300 for a plated dinner and still allow for a dance floor. Northgate’s beautifully manicured and forested scenery leading to its regal French Chateau clubhouse are pleasurable retreats well-chosen by hosts and enjoyed by guests.

Corporate Events

Corporate holiday parties are a well-established tradition at Northgate. Whether large or small, corporations find our ambiance and hospitality the perfect atmosphere for anything from cocktail parties to award or retirement dinners to year-end holiday celebrations. The beauty of Northgate with its idyllic forested scenery is a welcome respite from the urban hotel and office buildings which serve as host accommodations for many holiday parties. Many of our corporate parties are Member-related, but party hosts are not required to be Club Members.

Contact Us for More Social and Corporate Event Information

Morgan Mai
Catering Director
281-444-5302 x 142

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